How to Hire Dedicated Developers: Offshore Talent Step-by-Step

We help you find the best IT professionals with unique skills to match your project and bring it to life. We handle all your special staffing needs, from talent search to onboarding, and offer you flexible full- and part-time rates and offsite/onsite options. One way or another, we ensure that you work with true experts who have hands-on experience and honed skills.

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Save time on local recruitment by leveraging our offshore managed teams of any size. We are committed to establishing long-term relationships and remaining with our clients as long as necessary, eliminating concerns about knowledge transfer. Our clients highly praise our ability to cultivate robust personal connections while delivering exceptional code quality, resulting in a 9/10 satisfaction score.

Managing a dedicated team and receiving updates

Retail Technology Trends Expected in 2023 Customer needs shape retail technology trends that move the industry forward. Find out which trends are worth implementing for a competitive advantage. Keep FinTech is one of our core industries, so we were excited to empower Keep with our expertise. dedicated team Keep is an innovative service in the compensation and retention space. Now new team members work with you the same hours, participate in all required meetings, and close the tasks. To bring new practical knowledge to your team while working within a network of our experts.

hire dedicated team

The reviews of dedicated software development team can vary significantly, as the complexity of the projects differs significantly. The review may be conducted in a one-hour meeting, with a one-page summary document serving as the project progress report on less complex projects. A full-day meeting may be necessary for the project progress to be fully understood on more complex projects, and the project report may be one hundred pages or more. We have worked with 148 partners worldwide and garnered dozens of positive reviews, which you can find at Clutch and GoodFirms. As we said, companies choose to work with dedicated teams because this type of collaboration is cost-effective, provides broader access to talent, and accelerates time to market. While business analysts communicate with clients about the technical side of the project, project managers handle organizational issues.

When do you need to hire a dedicated team?

You also don’t have to worry about the safety of confidential information if you work with the NDA development team. Outsourcing companies have a backup pool of specialists to scale the team for maximum production speed and well-established training methods to quickly get newcomers up to date. Together with the accumulated knowledge base on the project, this ensures a smoother adaptation in case of the need for replacements and extensions. He must determine the number of employees required for his project and what technical skills they need. Team with specific expertise (a.k.a. on-demand/project-based) who can ramp up and down as needed to support the company’s needs for short periods.

hire dedicated team

We’re delighted with the team’s technical background and engineering skills of each developer in particular. We also appreciated the terms of project delivery – all the work was done on time and, importantly, within the budget. What matters most is that everyone agrees on which tools to use. Some platforms, such as Jira, may have a learning curve for developers who have never used them before, so keep this in mind when hiring your team.

Who Are The Service Professionals You Could Hire?

If you decide to hire an offshore team, there are a few things to keep in mind. The contractor hires or organizes a special team that meets the project’s requirements. The team, together with the customer, agrees on the workload and requirements of the project for a specified amount of time.

hire dedicated team

Find outsourcing vendors with pricing, descriptions, and real reviews from other clients. Here the budget is discussed with the client, considering the priorities and estimated or given timelines. No extra expenses such as renting an office for a dedicated team, purchasing equipment, paying taxes, electricity bills, taking care of sick leaves, etc. The Agile approach ensures the flexibility of this model, making it possible to adjust the conditions as you need to do so. While the names may change, and every IT company has its own way of cooperation with its clients, SPD Group offers three main models to cover the most popular scenarios.

A startup that requires quick product development from scratch

When there’s a realm that requires specific expertise you don’t have inside your company, or you need to engage specialists who may be limited in your region. With a dedicated development team model, all talents are available to you worldwide. In times when the final goal is unclear, but you have a general direction this model might be the most suitable one.

  • This is a remote team from another company working on your project.
  • If you are tight on budget, not sure about the technical requirements, but still want to start implementing a long-term project give this model a try!
  • Assigning a quality assurance role to a specific member is the best way to ensure that your dedicated team does proper testing.
  • Simply Googling it can work, but it could really confuse you with the overwhelming list of results.
  • A dedicated team structure usually consists of highly-skilled professionals and contains developers, quality assurance teams, and remote project managers.

Hiring a dedicated development team provides you with the added benefit of leveraging highly skilled services at a low cost. This model is suitable for long-term, short-term, and one-time projects. To make the most of it, businesses must understand the intricacies of hiring and working with outsourced teams. Hire a dedicated software development team to ensure a trustful environment and simpler collaboration. The allocated team maintains stable and fully transparent communication with no mediators.

Here’s How We Apply a Dedicated Team Model

We will schedule meetings with you to understand your needs and clarify project details and requirements for the dedicated team. Together, we will establish a preliminary work schedule and handle any other organizational aspects. If necessary, we will leverage our experience in developing similar solutions to help define technical candidate requirements. Companies that adopt this model can expect to experience significant cost savings and enhanced project outcomes, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes and industries. Relevant Software provides transparent pricing models without hidden costs, providing you with optimal budget solutions.